Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Recommended for ages 7+... but we’ve seen it all.

  • Children as young as 8 years old completing the project with a parent
  • College students wanting an extra hands on learning experience they aren't getting in university
  • Parents wanting to create meaningful experiences with their teenagers
  • Homeschool parents wanting to include electronics in their curriculum
  • Adults wanting to start a new interesting hobby
  • 65 year old retirees wanting to keep their mind sharp and be tech literate
  • Essentially, if you want to learn electronics or C++ programming, Creation Crate is the tech subscription box for you.

Do I need any prior experience?

No experience is necessary! You can start as a complete beginner and have no problem finishing (and understanding) the first project.

How do I contact the technical support team?

You can contact the Technical Support Team by opening a ticket at the bottom of this page.

Will coding help a kid in her / his school curriculum?

Learning to code prepares kids for the world we live in today. The early children learn to code, the better their chance at success. If we want to set our children up for academic success, every child should learn to code. Coding not only improves their mathematics and writing skills but also gives them valuable skills like critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving in life, and eventually in their career growth.

What is the duration of your online coding courses?

The duration of the full program is 3-4 years depending on the pace at which the child is able to make progress. Our focus is to not just finish the course but to make sure that the child understands and develops an interest in coding.