Programming with Arduino Level I – English


Programming with Arduino Level I – English

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Course Prerequisite(s)


For kids aged 10-16 we recommend taking courses in the one to two-year App Development Sequence. Students learn, step by step, how to take a raw idea and turn it to a real products. At the same time, and almost without noticing, they are getting a broad introduction of coding. In this level, students will learn the basics of coding and programming concepts



What Will I Learn?

  • Fundamentals of programming using Mixly and Arduino IDE
  • Basic programming methodologies
  • Exploring basic electronics concepts and components.
  • Through building circuits and writing code students will be made to complete the hands-on exercises 
  • How to make Arduino Obstacle Avoiding Robot Car

Topics for this course



About Arduino and Embedded Systems Development

2 LED Blinking?

Writing to digital pins , Datatype

Traffic light Control System?

Digital Signal, Variable

RGB LED Control?

Analog Output & PWM

Knight rider LED Pattern?

For loop I

5 Deferent LED Pattern?

For loop II

Push button Control + Alarm System?

Conditional Statement

Ultrasonic Sensor?

Buzzer Controlling

Servo motor Control?

Variable types, Arrays

Basic Electronics I?

Voltage, Current, Resistance

Basic Electronics II?

Diode, Capacitors

Night Lamp & photoresistor?

Analog input

Make Obstacle avoiding Robot Car I

Make Obstacle avoiding Robot Car II

About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • 12 Live Seasons via Ms Team
  • 12 Quiz
  • 10+ Projects
  • Video Tutorials
  • Lecture Support

Enrolment validity: 180 days


  • Foundation Starter kit for Robotics
  • Laptop or Desktop PC
  • Internet Connection
  • Microsoft team App for Live Seasons

Target Audience

  • For Grade 5-10 Students

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