12A(100W) DC-DC Step Down (Buck) Converter Module (4.5-30V to 0.8-30V)

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Adjustable Voltage Regulator Module DC-DC 4.5-30V to 0.8-30V 12A Buck Converters High Power Step Down Car Power Supply

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  • Character: Non-Isolated Buck Module
  • Input Voltage: 5 – 40V
  • Output Voltage: 1.2 – 36V continuous adjustable
  • Output Current: 12A (max) 100W, rated current 8A
  • Operating Temperature: -40 – 85?
  • Operating Frequency: 180kHz
  • Conversion Efficiency: 95% (max)
  • Short Circuit Protection: Yes (limit current 12A)
  • Overtemperature Protection: Yes (if over temperature, it will automatically shut down output)
  • Input Reverse Connection Protection: No (if necessary, please serial connect with diode on input port)


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