16×2 LCD Display 5V Yellow Backlit

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  • Display to integrate in electronic circuits.
  • Approximate size: 80 x 36 x 11 mm.
  • Device designed for integrators and designers of electronic circuits and RC.
  • High quality electronic components.
  • LCD display 16×2 5V yellow green backlit for Arduino

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This LCD 16×2 White on Blue Display is a small HD44780-based screen capable of displaying up to 16 characters and 2 lines in alphanumerical or Japanese Kana characters, with space for up to 8 extra characters or symbols or “Foreign characters” of your choice as well. Thanks to the serial input I2C backpack that is preinstalled on this display unit, it can be operated via only 4 pins (VCC, GND, SDA, SCL), making it ideal for small projects in which usable pin counts are low, but the project still requires its own Independent Visual Interfaces.

The serial module is a LCM1602 using a PCF8574T controller IC
The blue backlight current is less then 40mA for this LCD.

One of the unique benefits of this LCD is that it utilises a single LED backlight that can be dimmed with a resistor or PWM, making it far more energy-efficient than EL or electroluminescent backlights. This, in addition to the very simple and easy-to-understand circuitry, makes it a valuable addition to both beginners’ and veterans’ projects – since it offers exceptional functionality without being overly complicated, energy-hungry, or hard to integrate into a project.

Another unique feature of the HD44780 LCD is that it can also display either a 208 character 5×8 matrix or a 32 character 5×10 matrix as well, and rather than having characters on the screen you can display graphics like a battery-indicator, arrows or any other imagery that you want to manually design. This, in addition to the 9,920-bit character generator ROM and 240 character fonts, make this LCD surprisingly versatile in its display functionality.


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