220 x 160 x 72mm Waterproof Plastic Enclosure (Door type)

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Material: Plastic

Main Color: Light Gray
Size:220 x 160 x 72mm
Built-in hole hold circuit board.
Excellent waterproof and damp proof performance.

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SKU: EN003

Application: Suitable for indoor and outdoor electric, communication, fire fighting apparatus, iron and  steel smelting, petrochemical industry, electron, power system, railway, building, mine, air            and sea port, hotel, ship, works, waste water treatment equipment, environmental                                    equipment and so on.


1. Inside: There are the installation holes in the base for circuit board or din rail.                                                (More than 2 pcs of M4 brass nuts have been in each box)
2. Outside: The products can be directly fixed on the wall or other flat boards with screws                                 or nails via the screw holes in the base.

Outlet hole:

Holes can be opened on the box as customers’ requirements, and installing cable                                       gland can bring with better waterproof performance.


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