50K OHM Shaft Amplifier Dual Stereo Potentiometer (Copy)

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This is one item of dual gang, linear taper, carbon track potentiometer
These are new items and come with a nut and a washer for mounting on a front panel. The splined shaft is 6mm diameter. The mounting hole required is 7mm diameter

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SKU: POT001-5-4-1-3
WH148 6PIN Double Potentiometer
Resistance range (Ohms) : 50K
Resistance deviation: plus or minus 20%
Resistance change feature: B
Maximum service voltage :AC150V
Rated power: 0.125w
Rotation noise: <47MV
Residual value: Term. 1-2 < 20
Term 2-3 < 20
Insulation resistance: wining 100 m Q at DC500V
Synchronous error: plus or minus 3
Rotation Angle: 300 50
Stop torque: 5 KGF. Cm Min
Rotation moment: 20gf. Cm ~200qf. Cm
Shaft handle pull-out strength: 6.0 KGF. Cm Min.
Rotation life: 10,000 cycles


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