5VDC Flame Detector Alarm Relay Module Board

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1 Channel  5V  Firelight Detection Flame Sensor Relay Module Board


5v flame module flame sensor relay module infrared receiver module
Electrical parameters:
The power supply voltage: 5 VDC
Current: greater than 150 ma
Load: 10 a 250 v ac or 10 a 30 v dc

Module USES:


1.the most sensitive to the flame, flame sensor, also have a reaction to sunlight, generally used for fire alarm purposes.

2.by adjusting the potentiometer, can set sensors sense the strength of the flame, when the flame more than set threshold, relay, absorption and often start through public end, and when the flame is lower than the setting threshold, relay disconnect, public end with normally closed end connected;

3.the public side, normally open, normally closed three ports is equivalent to a double switch, relay coil there is electricity, and often start conducting public end, without electricity, public end with normally closed end conduction; ,

4.sensor and fire to keep a certain distance, to avoid the damage of high temperature sensors, distance of the test flame for lighter is 80 cm, on the flame, the greater the distance test.


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