8×8 Pixel Panel

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  • LED Chip: SMD5050 RGB LED chip
  • IC Chip: WS2812B(WS2811 IC built-in 5050 RGB LED chip)
  • Total LED: 64

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●Individually Addressable
Using a programmable controller and you can program every led just you like. Every one led has
its own IC chip.one IC controll one led.The chip buil in led.
●Mini Leds
Mini Leds 2427/5050 Lower energy consumption. No voltage drops. The same size with more
If you have a programmable controller , you can DIY your own special effects
Brightness can be adjusted freely.Do not stare at it for a long time, otherwise you will be dazzled
when the led Brightness is the brightest.
Red ,Green, Blue .Dream full color. curtain-up/ flow water/raindrop/jump flash and so on hundreds
of lighting effect, you can also edit animation effect by Coreldraw/Flash/LedEdit software/K-1000C
●Long life
Life span:more than30000hrs
Power: 50W
Gray level: 256
FPCB colors: black
Plate: soft copper
Beam Angle: 120 °
Light source: SMD 2427/5050 Mini RGB
Working Life: >30,000 hours
LED Quantity: 8×8 464 Pixels /  8×32 256 Pixels/16×16 256 Pixels
Emitting Color: Full color (24-bit)
Standard operating voltage: DC 5V
Waterproof: IP30 non- waterproof
Working temperature:-20°C~40°C
Model: SK6812 8×8 LED Matrix panel /  16×16 LED Matrix panel/8×32  LED Matrix panel
IC: SK6812 (SK6812 IC built-in RGB chip)
FPCB board size: Length 32cm Width/8cm, Thickness/0.3cm /  Length 16cm Width/16cm,
Thickness/0.3cm/Length 8cm Width/8cm, Thickness/0.3cm
●Do not bend sharply. It will make the leds loose and the poor connection. Flexible PCBs are not
designed for repeated flexing!
●Using voltage 5V DC. higher than 5V DC will destroy it
● If you want the data sheet of SK6812 Panel, please let us know, we will send it to your email.
●If you need better led strip performance, you can use a K-1000C controller or another
programmable controller.
Application:Widely used in luminescent clothes. Unit information display, shopping mall
supermarket car advertising, school museum teaching demonstration, hotel KTV stage
atmosphere lighting, home appliance counter renovation, smart home, DIY research and other
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