ACS712 5A Current Sensor Module

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Hall Effect Sensors are transducer type components that can convert magnetic information into electrical signals for subsequent electronic circuit processing. Generally, current sensors use the Hall Effect to convert current inputs into voltage outputs. In the Hall effect, electrons from an electric current flow through a magnetic field plate. The field then causes the electrons to “push” to one side of the plate and produce a voltage difference between the two sides. The difference in voltage from the side of the plate is the output of the sensor.

ACS712 is a current sensor that can operate on both AC and DC. This sensor operates at 5V and produces an analog voltage output proportional to the measured current. This tool consists of a series of precision Hall sensors with copper lines.

The output of this instrument has a positive slope when the current increases through the copper primary conduction path (from pins 1 and 2 to pins 3 and 4). The internal resistance of the conduction path is 1.2 mΩ.


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