Bourns Multi turn Controls (Mexico)

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1PC 1K Ohm Multi-turn Rotary Wirewound Potentiometer Module 3590S-2-102L

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Resistance (Ohms) 1K / 2K / 5K / 10K
Tolerance ±5%
Power (Watts) 2W
Built in Switch None
Number of Turns 10
Taper Linear
Number of Gangs 1
Adjustment Type User Defined
Temperature Coefficient ±50ppm/°C
Rotation 3600°
Resistive Material Wirewound
Termination Style Solder Lug
Actuator Type Slotted
Actuator Length 0.812″ (20.63mm)
Actuator Diameter 0.2497″ (6.34mm)
Bushing Thread 3/8-32
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Size – Body Round – 0.875″ Dia x 0.732″ H (22.22mm x 18.59mm)


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