5v Buzzer Module

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TZT High Quality Passive Buzzer Module for arduino Diy Kit

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Passive buzzer is characteristic:

  • Passive internal without oscillating source, so if the DC signal not to tweet. Must use 2K~5K Fang Bo to drive it
  • Voice frequency controllable, can make a ” wise guy hair rope lacidipine effect”.
  • In some cases, and LED can multiplex a control orifice

The feature is active buzzer:

  • Active buzzer with vibration source, so long as a power will be called
  • Procedures convenient control, a single level can make it sound, while the passive buzzer can not do it.

Module description:

  • The 1 module uses a 9012 transistor drive
  • 3.3V-5V working voltage
  • Is provided with a fixed bolt hole, convenient installation
  • Small PCB size: 3.3cm * 1.3cm

The two module interface description ( 3 line ):

  • VCC external 3.3V-5V voltage ( can be directly related to 5V single chip and 3.3V chip. )
  • GND external GND
  • I/O external singlechip IO mouth


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