IMaxRC B3 Pro Balance Compact Charger for 2S-3S Li-Po Battery

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imaxRC USAQ B3 Pro Compact LiPo Charger for 2s 3s 7.4v 11.1v with US Adapter (100-240v)

  • Built-in power supply.
  • 100-240v compatibility.
  • Automatic charge start.
  • Simple and reliable.

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The B3 Compact charger is a very simple to use charger for 2S and 3S battery packs. No need for additional power supplies or 12v batteries as this little unit has its own built in power supply that can be powered with 100-240v.

The B3 is very easy to use, simply plug it into the mains power and the 3 LEDs will light green and then flash to red to indicate the charger is ready. Connect the balance lead of your battery to the balance port of the charger, after 2 secs the charger detects the voltage of the battery and starts charging. When the charger starts charging the LEDs will glow constant red, if the battery is a 2 cell then the cell LED indicators 1 and 2 will glow constantly, if it is a 3 cell then the cell 3 LED indicator will also glow. When a cell is completely charged the corresponding LED will turn green, when all cells turn green the battery is fully charged, disconnect the battery before switching off the charger.

Built in power supply
100~240V Compatible
Automatic charge start
Simple, reliable and safe to use

AC Input: 100~240V, 50~60Hz
Battery Type: LiPoly
Cell Count: 2~3 Cells
Charge Current: 1.2A Max
Cell Cut Off Voltage: 4.2V ± 0.02V
Circuit Power: 11W ± 10%
Dimensions: 88x57x35mm
Weight: 103g
Plug: US 2 Pin Plug


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