Nokia 5110 LCD Display Module

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Since the Nokia 5110 LCD is a 3.3 V device, i need to shift the logic level, in addition to the supply voltage level to 3.3 V from 5 V coming from the UNO. I read in my online research that i could simply use resistors in series.

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  • RST – Reset
  • CE – Chip selection
  • DC – Data / instruction selection
  • DIN – Serial data line
  • CLK – Serial clock line
  • VCC – Power input (3.3v and 5v can be, experimentally verified, no problem)
  • BL – Backlight control terminal
  • GND – Ground



  • Input Voltage: 3.3VDC
  • Resolution:  84 X 84 pixels
  • The interface is a serial SPI interface.


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