Foundation Starter kit for Robotics

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  • This is a funny smart car kit for Arduino, it aims to disengage users from boring theories and obtain capacity of system development.
    By learning to program and assemble the robot car, you can finish a variety of interesting experiments, come and take one home!
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Features at a glance:

– It is a learning application development system based on a microcontroller, which can extend an external circuit module to increase more functions of this car
– It has functions of Bluetooth remote control
– You can choose L298N driver module as control motor, separate from the microcontroller,module can make up a remote control system of the car
– It can pair your phone’s Bluetooth with Bluetooth remote control module to control the car, also equipped with various sensors to complete different functions as much as possible

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List component for individual order :


Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm

List component:

Parts QTY
Arduino UNO R3 CH340 Development Board + USB Cable 1
L298N Dual H Bridge Motor Driver 1
400 Tie Points Breadboard 1
Red LED 5mm 10
Green LED 5mm 10
Blue LED 5mm 10
Yellow LED 5mm 10
Male to Male 40 Pin Dupont Jumper Wire 40
Male to Female Pin Dupont Jumper Wire 20
Female to Female Pin Dupont Jumper Wire 20
220ohm resistor 10
1kohm resistor 5
led bar graph 1
Push Button 12mm x 12mm x 10mm 3
Potentiometer 10K 3
RGB led 2
HC-05 1
4WD chassis 1
18650 Battery Case with Switch 1
Red and Back wire 10cm 10
Cable Tie 8
Double Tape 4


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