Ultrasonic Starter Kit for Arduino

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This is a great value starter kit, which contains an control board, many electronic accessories and detailed tutorials.
Whether you want to learn electronics and programming or buy accessories, this is a very good choice.

Item list

 1pcs Arduino Uno R3 Board
 1pcs USB Cable
 4pcs Blue LED
 4pcs Green LED
 4pcs Red LED
 1pcs RGB LED
 1pcs Red LED Bar graph
 20pcs Resistor (220R)
 10pcs Resistor (1K)
 10pcs Resistor (10K)
 3pcs 10K Potentiometer
 4pcs Button (small)
 2pcs NPN Transistor (8050)
 2pcs PNP Transistor (8550)
 1pcs 2xAA battery Holder
 1pcs L293D motor Controller IC
 1pcs Active Buzzer
 1pcs Passive Buzzer
 1pcs Thermistor
 1pcs Photoresistor
 1Pcs 5v Relay
 1Pcs Small Motor
 1pcs 3V Servo Motor
 1pcs Ultrasonic Sensor
 1602 LCD Display
 1pcs Breadboard 400Pin
 40pcs male to male Jumper wire
 10pcs Female to female Jumper wire
 Resistor Color Code Card
 Plastic Box


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