XH-M601 Battery Charging Control Module 12V

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XH-M601 Power Regulator Battery Charging Control Board 12V Intelligent Charger Supply Panel Automatic Charging/Stop Power

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SKU: CH028
  • Model:XH-M601
  • Power Supply Voltage: 13.8 – 14.8V
  • Relay Operating Voltage: 12.4V
  • Relay Disconnect Voltage:14.8V
  • Voltage Tolerance: /-0.1V
  • Voltage Detection Way: DC Voltmeter
  • Charging Type: 12V Storage Battery

Potentiometer Adjustment:

  • RP1: Adjust storage battery start charging voltage clockwise becomes higher, counter-clockwise becomes lower)
  • RP2: Adjust storage battery disconnect charging voltage (clockwise becomes higher, counter-clockwise becomes lower)


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