YH-395B Brother Multimeter

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Brother YH-395B Analog Multimeter High Precision Mechanical Multi-function Multimeter Maintenance Pointer Multimeter

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DC Voltage        0.25/2.5/10/50/250/1000V         ±3.0% F.s.
AC Voltage        10/50/250/1000V                        ±4.0% F.s.
DC Current        50μ/2.5m/25m/250m/10A             ±3.0% F.s.
Resistance         R1 R10 R100 R1K R10K(0~20MΩ)   ±4.0% of Arc
Battery                1. 5V
Continuity test    BUZZ
Decibels test      -10~ 62dB
Diode test            YES
Transistor test    YES
Dimensions         130*80*36mm
Weight                  270g
Power supply      1.5V AA battery×2, 9V 6F22 battery×1
Accessories         Test leads, Manual
Package               Color paper cover


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